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Write Your Will or Settle Your Estate in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Surrounding Areas

Prepare for the Future

Make sure you’re prepared for whatever life may bring by enlisting Jacqueline S. Mulvey Law Office to help with all of your estate-related services:

Will Drafting

Power of Attorney (General and for Personal Care)

Estate Planning

Estate Administration

Having a will in place in the event of your death protects both your assets and those you love. Your will is your opportunity to make your wishes clear, and a properly prepared will ensures that those wishes are carried out fully. Jacqueline S. Mulvey Law Office can help you be confident your will expresses your intentions precisely and completely.

If a loved one has passed away, Jacqueline can help with the administration of that person’s estate, making sure all beneficiaries understand the terms of the will entirely.

To get Jacqueline’s help with creating a will, estate administration or anything else related to these matters, please contact her today.

Get an estimated amount of probate fees on an estate in Ontario by using this online calculator.

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